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Homeowners frequently ask, “Why does my furnace need a tune-up every year?” As our techs will tell you, a neglected will eventually leave you and your family out in the cold.

Here’s the top 5 benefits of regular furnace maintenance:


It’s important to remember that your furnace is a gas appliance. Beside the obvious fire risk, burning natural gas or propane naturally produces some carbon monoxide, a very poisonous gas. Modern gas furnaces have carefully designed safeties to guard against overheating or carbon monoxide leaks, but these safety devices should be tested regularly to insure that if a part fails, your furnace will safely shut down.

Lower heating bills
The nameplate efficiency is only accurate when your furnace and air conditioner are new and factory-fresh. After a year of operation, dirt prevents good airflow and heat transfer. With proper maintenance, we restore the system to clean and efficient operation. Depending on the current state of your system, a tune-up can completely pay for itself with reduced energy usage
Catch small problems before they become big problems
Do you remember grandma saying, “A stitch in time saves nine?” We know from experience that, if we ignore small problems, they frequently become big, expensive repairs. Over time, an overheating furnace will cause a crack in the heat exchanger. A simple adjustment to fan speed or gas pressure could have fixed it, but now you need a new furnace! A dirty blower can lead a bad fan motor. A bad motor pulling high amps can take out the fan relay and now you need a new circuit board. If you want to avoid big repairs, there’s no substitute for getting a professional technician in front of your furnace every year.

Some manufacturers requires annual maintenance to keep your warranty in good standing. Think about it, the top causes of system failure are dirt and neglect. Why should we expect the manufacturer to pay for a furnace that failed simply because never changed the filter?
Avoid the late-night emergency call
Have you ever noticed that things always break at the most inconvenient times? Whether your car breaks down on a road-trip or your air conditioner quits the same day that you’re hosting a big party, Murphy’s Law always has great timing. While a tune-up cannot guarantee that you’ll never have a service call, it will greatly reduce the probability.


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