Air Conditioning Service – Rochester Hills and Rochester MI

Air Conditioning Service – Rochester Hills and Rochester MI by Scrib’s Heating and Cooling of Oxford Michigan

Air Conditioning Service Rochester Hills MI

Scrib’s Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your home or business. You can count on Scrib’s to provide you with an air conditioning system and solution that fits your needs. We have installed many systems in this area and have earned a reputation for doing the job right the first time.

We pride ourselves on our honesty when it comes to repairs. All of our repairs are on flat rate pricing: You know the cost of the repair before it’s done! Scrib’s has built a reputation on referrals. No fancy advertisements just a lot of integrity, trust, and hard work to be the best.

Our installation department is second to none. An independent study was done by The North Carolina Energy Corporation on the quality of installations. The results were staggering: 90% of all the units inspected exhibited some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problem. Duct leakage, oversizing, and incorrect refrigerant amounts were just some of the problems found. Don’t worry, with a Scrib’s installation you will be in the top 10%. Our exclusive 33-point check list will ensure that your installation is done right.

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Rochester Hills – Rochester Michigan Air Conditioning Service


Trust the Rochester Hills, MI Air Conditioner experts at Scrib’s Heating and Cooling to service your air conditioning and heating needs. We have been serving Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan air conditioners and furnaces for over 20 years. Our expert, trained, and certified technicians are right around the corner whenever you need us. Located near Rochester Hills, Michigan and serving the surrounding areas, Scrib’s Heating and Cooling can respond quickly to any heating and cooling situation for service or installation

At Scrib’s Heating and Cooling, we believe in expert and personal service. Located just outside of Rochester and Rochester Hills, Michigan in Oxford Michigan, we are very proud to be a local, family-owned furnace and air conditioner service company. 

New Installation or repair of existing air conditioning units, Scrib’s Heating and Cooling covers Rochester Hills, Michigan and surrounding cities.

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Install Central Air in Lake Orion MI

Install Central Air in Lake Orion Michigan and Surrounding Areas

We depend on our air conditioners to keep our families cool and comfortable during the hottest days of the year. That’s why Scrib’s Heating and Cooling of Oxford Michigan selectively installs the industry’s top manufacturers of residential central air and air conditioning systems that have  proven their long-standing quality, performance, dependability and energy efficiency that you rely on.

  • Reduce your energy costs. Choose from a variety of efficiency levels that match your budget.
  • Provide consistent, even cooling. Two-speed air conditioners are designed to deliver cool, even air comfort throughout your entire home.
  • Offers quiet comfort. Cools your home quietly, turning your home environment into a healthier place to breathe and relax comfortably.
  • Backed by a warranty.

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